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Whatever your reason for migrating to the Kingdom of Thailand, there are at least four important documents that you should be familiar with. more

Technology is so wonderful nowadays. Thanks to the Internet, being employed without leaving your house is now possible.  more

We have previously discussed in-depth what the Kingdom of Thailand requires from its foreign-owned companies when they plan on bringing workers from their own countries to work in their local subsidiary. more

Promotion is inevitable. If you’re a hard worker, and you got a boss who’s got a keen eye for performance, then you’ll definitely get promoted in the long run.  more

With the new rules and its relevant penalties already enforced by immigration officials in Thailand, it’s always in your interest, especially as a businessman operating an enterprise in the country, to abide by these regulations. more

With the new rules nearly in place and ready to be enforced, it really pays to know how stuff are done legally in the Kingdom for foreigners. One of the reasons that people travel to Thailand is to find work, or go to work as a company has hired them for a job and wants to expatriate them. more

One of the reasons that Thailand’s government is currently cracking down on overstaying aliens and is being strict about returning foreigners (called falang in the local language) is the so-called “visa run.”  more


Foreigners are absolutely welcome in Thailand. There are laws that are designed to make the country friendly to foreigners, especially those wanting to invest in the economy. There’s the Condominium Act that allows foreign nationals to purchase condo units. There are also free trade agreements that give nationals of certain countries perks when doing business in Thailand.

If you’re the sort who has friends who likes to do business, then chances are one of those contacts has had ideas of investing in Thailand.  more

If you own a big business and you want to expand to the Thai market, it’s only natural that you will want to acquire some commercial properties, in the name of your company, of course. That is one of the three exceptions that allow a foreigner to legally own land and property in the country and, that is, to establish a limited company in Thailand.

In any case, you will want to have somebody manage that property for you. Some businessmen, shrewd as they are with their cash, will want to take on that task by themselves. more


Chances are, the New Year presents new and exciting opportunities to many individuals. For those who felt they missed out on their career in the year that passed, they look forward to the beginning of the year to bring some significant and positive changes in their professional lives. more