Tag: Thailand Safe for Investors

It has been discussed repeatedly in this blog that Thai law has a few exceptions that can allow a foreign national to purchase a piece of land in the country. One of these exceptions is when a person has infused an investment of THB40 million, at the least, into the country’s economy by, among other ways, investing in a business in the Kingdom.

Let us say that somebody, maybe a friend of yours or a business associate, has met the qualifications under  more

Making an investment is basically a gamble, as this blog has said so countless times in articles of the topic. If you make the right decision on which form of investment to make, then you could hit it big and be financially independent for the rest of your life. However, it also comes with the risk of losing big if you make the wrong decision on your investment.

Investment, in other words, is something that you do indiscriminately especially with the money that you’ve worked hard for.  more

Foreign investors put their money to work overseas for several reasons. Diversification, after all, is the mark of a successful investor. more