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Thailand is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world to retire. There is plenty for an expat to enjoy here when they finally retire – scenic beaches, rich and beautiful natural attractions like forests and rivers, and relatively inexpensive standard of living. Some parts of Thailand also provide retirees the peace and quiet that they need in their advanced age.

There is, of course, a straightforward process that retirees have to subscribe to before they can become officially expats in Thailand in their older years. more

One of the most difficult processes in getting in to a country is getting the appropriate visa approved for you by that country’s government. Thailand is not an exception. Although it is definitely friendly to tourists and people coming in for business, the country does have a definite process for acquiring a visa.

With the Thailand Elite Visa program, the process becomes a lot easier for you as you have almost everything that you need to get visa approval. Plus, you also get to enjoy exclusive benefits as a member that other tourists cannot get access to without enrolling in the program.