Services Offered

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Property & Real Estate Transactions

  • Our firm chooses an individualize approach to each property transaction.
  • Whether your looking at purchasing or selling a Villa, Condominium or Hotel, our team of legal experts are happy to sit down to discuss the dynamics of a transaction, tax considerations, and contract structure.
  • Our services include: Property Due Diligence, Zoning, By Law & Regulation Survey, Contract Drafting & Negotiation, Resort Development & Construction, Finance & Restructuring, Registration & Transfer of Ownership, and Tax Advice & Planning

Corporate & Accounting

  • With an extensive foreign client base, Hawryluk Legal Advisors is a leading provider in Southern Thailand for transactional corporate & commercial matters.
  • We can cover all areas of corporate structures, setup and acquisitions, including by not limited to; foreign investment, Board of Investors, Foreign Business Licenses, Representative Offices, Joint ventures, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Corporate Set ups, Corporate Restructuring, Taxation and Corporate Finance.

Visa & Immigration

  • Hawryluk Legal Advisors has a wealth of experience in assisting Foreign Nationals to Thailand with relocation into the Kingdom. Our team of experts can assist Foreigners with compliance to Thai Immigration Laws.
  • We offer clients a streamlined visa process for Retirement Visa, Business Visas, Dependant Visas, and Investment Visas in the Kingdom of Thailand.
  • We can process and help clients obtain Thailand Elite Visas which can allow clients to stay in Thailand for 5 to 20 year periods, with additional benefits such as airport fast track, and government concierge personnel.

Criminal & Litigation Matters

  • Hawryluk Legal Advisors are able to assist in select criminal and litigation matters. Please contact us directly to inquire.

Thailand Elite Member

  • This visa basically means that investors can may 2 MB and get a 20 year visa into thailand.

Other Services

  • Wills & Estates
  • Adoption
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Divorce & Financial Settlement Agreement
  • Legalization of a Parent
  • Power of Attorney & Notarization
  • Marriage Registration