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As they say, love knows no bounds. It transcends race, nationality and even age. It is the beauty of love that some foreign national and local Thai spouse meet one another and decide to tie the knot. more

There are times when, no matter how it started, a foreign expat’s marriage to a local falls apart. There are a variety of reasons for this happening, but we won’t dive into that.  more

Getting married in Thailand also comes with exposure and protection under specific laws endemic to the country. more

There’s no stopping love as they say, once Cupid’s arrow has pierced a person’s heart. Love transcends all – language, distance, even age.  more


Different countries have different laws on parentage. In many countries, the issue is always on paternity. The birth mother is almost always automatically registered as the legitimate parent of the child regardless of her civil status while there are specific circumstances required in some countries when it comes to paternity.

Provisions of the Thai Parentage Law Code spell the different criteria corresponding to the child’s legitimacy or illegitimacy and paternity. more

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions any individual can make. Marriage will change nearly everything – from management of personal assets to the mindsets needed to make a decision not only for oneself, but for the entire family. Speaking of assets, it makes good sense to have a pre-nuptial agreement.


Some marriages see the benefit of having prenuptial agreements. This is usually the case when one or both parties have properties they want to protect from being considered as part of the conjugal property when a couple gets married. If a spouse has businesses that involved other people, the spouse may elect to keep those businesses as separate from what can be considered communal property of husband and wife. In the same manner, that if a spouse has children from first marriage, the properties that rightfully belong to them should not be included in the new marriage’s conjugal property. more

Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that legally allows divorce, that is, dissolving the marriage by the judgment of a court on one of the 12 grounds for divorce as stipulated in Section 1516 of the Civil and Commercial Code or by the Amphur or local municipality office in Thailand. The divorce proceeding is only possible upon a joint request and mutual consent by the husband and wife. more


Thailand is often visited by foreign nationals mainly for tourism and business. Those who come to Thailand for a short holiday vacation leave the country with a silent promise to return soon either to retire, start a business or, pursue a love interest. There have been thousands of love stories between a foreign national and a Thai national that end up in marriage. Some of the marriages work and some are eventually dissolved by divorce. In any eventuality, it is important that the best legal services in Thailand handle the marriage or divorce proceedings. more


When is a Thai Will Considered Final and Executory and When is it Considered Null and Void?

The idea of making a will is something most people are reluctant to even think about. As death is an extremely sensitive issue, any topic that is directly or indirectly associated with it is shunned. However, for many people, writing a will is almost a necessity especially if it concerns considerable estate, assets and investments. more