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Cryptocurrencies, whether you like the concept or not, are here to stay. Many industries are now adopting cryptocurrencies as modes of payment in both online and offline transactions. It’s high time now, as an investor, to understand what are the basics behind these electronic currencies. more

With their size, you’d think corporations will not need to approach anybody in order to raise some cash for upcoming projects. more

In our previous article, we discussed the importance of investments and some investments that one can make in preparation for their retirement. We also mentioned the mutual fund as one of the best vehicles for long-term investment for any retiree, or for anyone in general. more

The New Year is almost upon us. As businessmen, it’s time to sit back and think about what the New Year can bring about for our business. Of course, it’s against our training and instinct as entrepreneurs to just meditate without action. more

With the new rules and its relevant penalties already enforced by immigration officials in Thailand, it’s always in your interest, especially as a businessman operating an enterprise in the country, to abide by these regulations. more

Becoming an entrepreneur as well as being one is all about effective management. You cannot even dream of attaining a very stable business if you don’t know how to take care of its daily operations.  more


Thailand is an investor-friendly country. The passing of the Foreign Business Act now makes it possible for international companies to set up their operations in Thai jurisdiction, and even receives incentives for investing into the local economy.

The Act does have restrictions, i.e. what sectors a foreign-owned company can compete with local companies and the rules on foreign ownership, especially against the practice of using nominee shareholders in order to establish a foreign-owned business in Thailand. more

The practice of using nominee shareholders in incorporating companies in Thailand has been brought to light after the head of the military junta proposed in December to change the FBA to weed out companies that are incorporated locally but are actually controlled by their foreign investors. What is a nominee shareholder? Is the practice legal or illegal? more

Foreign investors put their money to work overseas for several reasons. Diversification, after all, is the mark of a successful investor. more


Business entrepreneurs planning to operate a business in Thailand should take time to get familiar with Thai laws on registration of companies. more