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When you retire, you let go of any source of steady income that you might have had. If you’ve been a working employee your entire life, you will have to relinquish your job to someone younger and could take over for you. In return for your faithful service to the company, you are given a severance and retirement bonus as a means for you to start a new beginning on your own terms. more

Making an investment is basically a gamble, as this blog has said so countless times in articles of the topic. If you make the right decision on which form of investment to make, then you could hit it big and be financially independent for the rest of your life. However, it also comes with the risk of losing big if you make the wrong decision on your investment.

Investment, in other words, is something that you do indiscriminately especially with the money that you’ve worked hard for.  more

The basics of investing teach us the roots of how to become a successful entrepreneur, but learning the basics is not enough. You still have a long way to go when it comes to becoming an expert and earning from your investments.

Don’t misinterpret this, but mistakes are common in any endeavor, including investing. Mistakes can help us learn, but some mistakes are so severe that they are best avoided.  more

Thailand is one of the best economies for you to invest your money in to. Anyone can be an investor, but since it is a risky move, you’ll need to prepare for that beforehand. How do you prepare to become an investor? The answer to that is to spend time learning the basics of investing.

Here are three things that you should bear in mind before you think about investing your money. more

The global economic climate and investment environment have undergone a drastic change since the 1997 financial crisis. This prompted the Board of Investment to adjust the country’s investment promotion policies and criteria for granting tax privileges in order to respond to the current and future economic and investment situation. more


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Thailand began to recognize foreign investment as an important element in developing the country’s economy in the 1950s by enacting its first investment promotion legislation in 1954 through the Industrial Promotion Act No 19. However, the lack of an administrative agency limited this Act’s effectiveness.

To address the issue, the Industrial Promotion Act B.E. 2503 (1960) created the Board of Investment. The Industrial Promotion Act B.E. 2505 (1962) and the National Executive Council Announcement No. 227 B.E. 2515 (1972) followed. These laws contained similar  provisions  for the administration  and  granting  of incentives  for  both  foreign  and  domestic investment. more


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Thailand’s BOI or Board of Investment is a government agency tasked to provide investment incentives to foreign or local investors putting investments in promoted or priorities businesses in Thailand. The BOI of Thailand aims to decentralize Thailand’s Industrial base and to promote and attract special types of investments allowed in the Kingdom. more

Thailand offers all the elements a foreign investor would look for – inexpensive and hardworking workforce, an emerging bullish economy, a burgeoning domestic market and a supportive government in terms of economic liberalization and growth.

The driving force behind Thailand’s unprecedented economic growth is foreign investment with the government supporting and encouraging foreign investors from Japan, Singapore, Europe, United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Japan is currently the largest stakeholder in foreign investment in Thailand. And while the country presents significantly favorable conditions to lure foreign investors in the country, the major setback is the country’s policy on majority foreign ownership which is restricted to 49%, giving away the majority ownership of 51% to local Thai nationals. Additionally, foreigners need to have Board of Investment (BOI) promotion for their business activities in Thailand. more


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The Board of Investment deems it appropriate to adjust criteria for activities eligible for promotion in order to respond to the current economic and investment situation. By virtue of the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520, the Board of Investment hereby prescribes the: more