Forms of Public Transportation in Thailand

Wherever you may be in the world, getting access to a public transportation is a must. That’s why developing countries like Thailand have invested a lot of money in infrastructure, so that people can come and go as they wish and with ease in the country.

Having an efficient form of transportation is important if you want to attract both tourists and investors in your country. Investors will want to travel around comfortably when they visit a country, while tourists similarly would just want to relax and not worry too much about traffic jams and timetables.

Let’s take a look at what forms of public transportation there are available for people when they visit the Kingdom of Thailand.

The Bus

The bus is perhaps the most ubiquitous form of transportation. You can find buses plying roads all over the world, from America to Asia and down to Oceania. Of course, it’s no surprise that buses are the main form of transportation in Thailand especially in the metropolitan areas.

Bus companies travel all over the Kingdom. If you’ve got the time and you want to enjoy the scenery of the countryside, you might want to give the bus a try. It does take a longer time to get from one city to another, but it’s certainly worth the time.

Buses are also very economical, and you have lots of options – in addition to the regular bus, you also have options for aircon buses or VIP bus services.

The Train

Another form of transportation in Thailand is the train. This is a long-haul form of transportation, and can move a lot of passengers in and out of cities.

Some trains are slower than buses, but they are less likely to be impeded by in-city traffic as buses can be. However, Thailand has already started investing in high-speed rail services as part of its drive to be ready for the ASEAN Economic Community – high speed rail can help bring goods and services fast across the country, in an effort to attract foreign investors.

Trains are also like airplanes – they have accommodations ranging from first to third class. One major drawback to trains, however, is that their stations are located outside of major cities. You’d still have to ride the bus to get into your destination.

Songthaew and Tuktuks

These can be found inside major cities in Thailand, and are actually a cultural fixture.

The songthaew is a mini-bus, so to speak. These are modified trucks that have benches in the rear cabin. They can accommodate a specific number of people, and can travel a variety of routes. Drivers charge fares depending on the length of the journey.

Tuktuks, on the other hand, are Thai forms of tricycles. Don’t be fooled by their appearance though – because of their status as tourist attractions, they can come at a premium! However, they offer an unparalleled experience that you should partake in at least once when you’re in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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