Several Ways to Enjoy Tourist Friendly Thailand

Thailand has always been known around the world, not only in the West, for being friendly to tourists. In fact, there are a lot of foreign expats who have fallen in love with the country and are now living out their retirement in the Kingdom.

As a Thailand Elite member, you are well poised to enjoy all that this wonderful Southeast Asian nation has to offer its visitors. Of course, the first step to enjoying Thailand is to find out how you can have fun and where you can do that in this beautiful country.

Visit Phuket

 No doubt, the huge island of Phuket is Thailand’s most popular offering to its foreign visitors. Much of Thailand’s foreigner influx is towards this island paradise.

There are many things to enjoy in Phuket alone. The beaches in this part of Thailand are breathtaking and picturesque. You can spend hours composing Instagram-worthy pictures here, plus you get to enjoy clean and sparkling water that you can immerse yourself in for even more hours!

Of course, there’s no holiday getaway without the nightlife. Phuket is home to one of the liveliest seaside nightlife scenes in the entire country itself. There are bars and pubs here that cater to a wide range of customers with varying budgets and tastes.

Indeed, three days of stay at Phuket Island is not enough to fully experience for yourself what this paradise has to offer you. Why not stay for 30 days? That’s how long your tourist visa can afford you, by the way.

Learn a New Martial Art

 Thanks to the extremely talented Tony Jaa as well as to the rising popularity of mixed martial arts, there has been a renewed interest in traditional Thai martial arts. Where else could you learn Muay Thai or Muay Boran than in Thailand itself?

Martial arts are by themselves now a form of tourism for most foreigners. Many people from many countries across the world travel to Thailand to learn from the masters, and martial art schools have prepared courses that people can enroll themselves in while also going on a holiday to the Kingdom.

Not only do you get to unwind from all the cares you left half a world away, you also return home much stronger and powerful, thanks to your martial arts training.

Explore Local Culture

 Last but not the least, you should immerse yourself in the local culture. This is a very educational experience, and could help you widen your cultural horizons as well as instill a sense of appreciation for your own local culture.

There’s no specific place in Thailand for you to learn culture. Even huge metropolises like Bangkok has plenty of Buddhist temples and suburns in which you can immerse and educate yourself about the local culture. Festivals like Songkran are also ideal venues for cross-cultural education as well.

Thailand is without doubt the best country in the Southeast Asian region to spend your holidays in. Apply for membership to the Thailand Elite Visa service now, and easily facilitate your future holidays.

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