Are You Ready For Your Retirement to Thailand?

Retirement is a bittersweet milestone that all of us have to go through at one point or another in our lives. Our ages don’t stop growing, so no matter how we deny it or stop it, we will reach the point where we’d have to retire from our jobs and leave.

There’s no doubt that retiring to Thailand is one of the best decisions you could make in your life. The country is full of beautiful stuff that entices tourists and businessmen alike to come back again and again. Since you’re retiring, it is but fitting that you will want to live in the Kingdom for the rest of your life.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need to prepare beforehand for your retirement so that it goes smoothly. Your retirement should be about comfort and enjoyment, after all those years spent working hard to make a living.

So, if you’re about to approach retirement age, you’ll need to build a checklist in order to determine whether or not you’re ready for your ultimate move to start a new life in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Your Income

This is the tricky part. You’ll have to make sure that you have a steady flow of income, as you’ll need to support yourself. With retirement, you don’t earn as much as you did before, so you’ll have to look at your investments and see if you have any source of regular income like your pension, and a business with which to build a new life after years of corporate employment.

Fortunately, being a tenured employee comes with its own set of benefits. You should have something saved up just for the purpose of retiring through all those years that you’ve worked with your company.

Your Healthcare

Healthcare is very important. When you retire to Thailand, you must make sure that you have enough money with which to secure quality healthcare services. Fortunately, there are lots of good hospitals in Thailand. You need not worry a lot about healthcare providers, because the Kingdom has everything you need as an expatriate in that aspect.

Your Lifestyle

Retirement brings about a big change, so your lifestyle should be ready for it. Because you’re not earning as much as you did when you were a tenured employee, you should adjust your lifestyle a bit to make sure that you don’t find yourself in a financial disaster just a couple of years after your retirement.

We highly recommend that you look over your debts as early as possible and find ways to pay them off before you retire. Debts are a source of headaches, and you don’t want that as a retiree. You should be enjoying your new life, and relaxing after decades of pressure and exhaustion from your job.

As we’ve said before, retirement brings about a lot of fear but these fears can be assuaged by proper preparations. These are but three aspects that you need to take care of as early as possible, so that your transition to post-retirement life can be as smooth as possible.

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Photo credit : huffingtonpost news dated Feb 24, 2014.

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