Love knows no bounds, they say. Thanks to the ease of traveling around the world, there have been plenty of heartwarming stories of love between a local Thai and a foreign expatriate, or even a tourist. more


We have discussed in a previous article that, when investing, it’s important to identify good entry and exit points. However, those articles only pertained to stock investing and have not discussed how the rule applies to people or entities that are looking to invest in an actual company providing products or services. more

There’s no place like home, the saying goes. However, in business, it’s definitely a lot better to invest your money overseas in addition to having a cash cow based at home. more

With the new rules nearly in place and ready to be enforced, it really pays to know how stuff are done legally in the Kingdom for foreigners. One of the reasons that people travel to Thailand is to find work, or go to work as a company has hired them for a job and wants to expatriate them. more


Leasing is a popular option amongst expatriates who want to acquire real estate in Thailand. It is quite legal, and should be a good alternative to acquiring a property for yourself. more