In September, the Kingdom had decided to enforce stricter rules regarding foreigners who enter or re-enter Thailand through the borders that it shares with four countries in its vicinity. Because of these, some foreigners have come across difficulties in re-entering Thailand through the borders with Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos in order to activate an entry in their multiple-entry visas. more

Retirement is a great time for anyone. By retiring, one officially leaves his employed life to pursue a life of his choosing. When people retire from a long-term employment, they do get a stipend from their employer as a means to start anew and build a source of income to sustain him or her in old age.  more


There is a legal process to be observed when registering a new company, whether in Thailand or any country in the world in general. There may be some minor differences in the laws that govern business registrations from one country to another, but the overall process remains the same.

As a businessman, it pays to be aware of what you need to be registering with the relevant authorities before you even begin the process.  more

When you retire, you let go of any source of steady income that you might have had. If you’ve been a working employee your entire life, you will have to relinquish your job to someone younger and could take over for you. In return for your faithful service to the company, you are given a severance and retirement bonus as a means for you to start a new beginning on your own terms. more


At the recent ASEAN meet, the leaders of the member states of Southeast Asia as well their partner countries, including China, have signed into existence the ASEAN Economic Community. From here on, it’s an exciting time for Southeast Asia, including its most prominent contributor and member-state, Thailand.
What does the new Community mean for Thailand? more