If you own a big business and you want to expand to the Thai market, it’s only natural that you will want to acquire some commercial properties, in the name of your company, of course. That is one of the three exceptions that allow a foreigner to legally own land and property in the country and, that is, to establish a limited company in Thailand.

In any case, you will want to have somebody manage that property for you. Some businessmen, shrewd as they are with their cash, will want to take on that task by themselves. more

In our previous article, we outlined the typical process of acquiring a retirement visa in Thailand. First, one has to acquire a non-immigrant visa and, once approved, the visa holder can then opt to apply for a retirement visa. The process is very straightforward, which is why Thailand is a top choice amongst expatriates for their retirement – the country is very friendly towards foreigners.

There is, however, an alternate route for foreigners to gaining permission from the Thai government to reside in the country for retirement purposes. This route is to become a permanent resident in Thailand. more


Making an investment, as a businessman, into the Thai economy is a decision you can reap advantages from in the long run. As they say, you will not go wrong deciding to make an investment or starting a business in Thailand. However, you can go wrong with a few things if you don’t take care to observe certain measures or take specific precautions.

Make no mistake about it – making an investment is like diving into deep waters.  more