Thailand is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world to retire. There is plenty for an expat to enjoy here when they finally retire – scenic beaches, rich and beautiful natural attractions like forests and rivers, and relatively inexpensive standard of living. Some parts of Thailand also provide retirees the peace and quiet that they need in their advanced age.

There is, of course, a straightforward process that retirees have to subscribe to before they can become officially expats in Thailand in their older years. more

We have discussed in a previous article the concept of a tariff and what role it plays in terms of governance and state policy. We also found out that, when there is a Free Trade Agreement in force between two countries, like Australia and Thailand, tariffs are either lowered to a manageable percentage or eliminated totally. more

If you want to engage in international trade, one of the terms that you should take time to understand is the “tariff.” Companies who engage in supply and distribution are the ones that usually encounter the tariff, or what is alternatively called as ‘customs tax duty, but every entrepreneur would find it to his best interest to understand this concept. more

The current infrastructural developments in Thailand make it an exciting time for foreign investors to cash in by making some investments in the economy of Southeast Asia’ second-largest market. As part of their investment, it’s quite common for big companies to want to establish their own buildings for their headquarters in Thailand.

Let’s back up a bit. You might be wondering how foreign-owned companies are able to build their own headquarters in Thailand when, in fact, it is illegal for aliens to acquire and own land in the Kingdom.  more

As mentioned in our previous article, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, is currently working on coming up ways to establish an “internal market” between its members. If this internal market comes to being, it comes with many advantages to be shared between the member nations of the association. more