The Trademarks Act of BE 2534 of 1991 has been the ruling law in Thailand for governing matters of intellectual property rights concerning trademarks. Since its promulgation and ratification, BE 2534 (1991) has set the rules on how trademarks are defined in a legal context and has faithfully done its job. more

When you’re going to be doing business in Thailand, you can expect to travel to the country frequently as you settle your affairs. This is especially true when the business is still in the start-up phase. Imagine the hassle and the astronomical expenses when you have to apply for the necessary documents every time! more

Intellectual property laws are very important for businessmen. If you are looking to start an enterprise in the Kingdom of Thailand, then it pays to read about Thailand’s intellectual property rules and regulations. more

We have discussed a bird’s eye view of what intellectual property law is and what role it plays in Thailand’s legal and business landscapes. This time, let us look at what items are covered by intellectual property law, and how you can, as a businessman, avail of protection for your intellectual properties. more