Intellectual property is one of the most important, and also the most interesting, aspect of any country’s law. Thailand is no different from any other country. In fact, its trade agreements with various industrial nations including the United States, Japan, and Australia, make intellectual property take on a whole new different role to protect foreigner investors’ interests in the Kingdom more

The practice of using nominee shareholders in incorporating companies in Thailand has been brought to light after the head of the military junta proposed in December to change the FBA to weed out companies that are incorporated locally but are actually controlled by their foreign investors. What is a nominee shareholder? Is the practice legal or illegal? more

It is stated under Thai law that foreigners cannot legally acquire land in the country, but there are actually exemptions to this law. There are three special ways in which a foreign national could be allowed to legally acquire real estate, outside of condominiums, in the Kingdom of Thailand. more

Thailand undoubtedly plays host to innumerable foreign nationals either working for some multinational companies operating in the country or as retirees. more