The global economic climate and investment environment have undergone a drastic change since the 1997 financial crisis. This prompted the Board of Investment to adjust the country’s investment promotion policies and criteria for granting tax privileges in order to respond to the current and future economic and investment situation. more

Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that legally allows divorce, that is, dissolving the marriage by the judgment of a court on one of the 12 grounds for divorce as stipulated in Section 1516 of the Civil and Commercial Code or by the Amphur or local municipality office in Thailand. The divorce proceeding is only possible upon a joint request and mutual consent by the husband and wife. more

Domestic violence is a universal social problem. It happens in almost every country, even in the most progressive ones. Thailand is no exception to this sad reality and global pandemic. Numerous cases of domestic violence may have caused the passing of the first ever Domestic Violence Law in 2007 aimed at protecting victims who suffer abuse from their partners. The law allowed for harsher punishments, better protection for women, gay men and transgendered victims, and more prosecutions. more