As in other country’s airline carriers, passengers have certain and specific rights against the airline in the event of flight delays, cancelled flights, or other similar cases, not caused by the passenger.

In Thailand, there are common areas of concern where passenger’s rights ought to be honored by the Thai Airline Carrier. more


Business entrepreneurs planning to operate a business in Thailand should take time to get familiar with Thai laws on registration of companies. more

The Board of Investment prescribes additional tax incentives offered to encourage the development of skills, science technology, and innovation under the STI (Skill, Technology and Innovation) scheme, to which the following criteria are applied. more

As in any country in the world, the government of Thailand has established terms and conditions protecting the interests of both the Employer and the Employee. Thailand’s Labor Protection Act 2541 (1998) of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare defines the rights of employees and the obligations of employers. Under the provisions of the Act 2541, all employers must define the terms of employment for their staff. Employers with 10 or more regular employees are required by law to specify working rules and regulations – a copy of which must be submitted to the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare and posted on the work premises. more

As in most parts of the world, the rich are getting richer in Southeast Asia. This is what has been found out through the newest report from private wealth intelligence firm called Wealth-X and the Swiss-based bank UBS. Despite the shrinking net worth of individuals in emerging markets like China and Brazil, the     wealth profile in Southeast Asian countries continues to grow. more


Thailand, like other countries in the Southeast Asian region, encourages foreign investors to their country to boost their economic activities. And unlike other countries in the region, Thailand happens to have the right circumstances, conditions and enticements to lure foreign investment into the country. And in order to facilitate the influx of foreign companies to Thailand, several structures were established from which foreign investors can choose when they want to set up a company in the country. more