Technically, there is no such term as ‘Work Visa’ in Thailand, but there is a ‘Non Immigrant B Visa” that will allow foreigners to conduct business or seek employment in Thailand. Initially, most foreigners are allowed to apply for the 30-day non B visa from their home country or from other countries outside of Thailand. Once in Thailand, a work permit must be applied for. The non B visa does not allow foreigners to work legally without the work permit. more

In general, any foreign national who desires to enter the Kingdom of Thailand is required to obtain a visa according to the purpose of their stay in the country. However, there are specific countries whose citizens are allowed to stay in Thailand for a specific number of days without having to obtain a visa of any sort.

For students who want to study in Thailand, they need to obtain a student visa as it will allow them to stay in Thailand while they pursue their studies. Any foreign national can apply for a one year Non-Immigrant Education visa. Citizens of China, Bangladesh, Iran, Sri-Lanka, India and Middle Eastern countries must apply and process their student visa from their country of origin. more


Thailand is often visited by foreign nationals mainly for tourism and business. Those who come to Thailand for a short holiday vacation leave the country with a silent promise to return soon either to retire, start a business or, pursue a love interest. There have been thousands of love stories between a foreign national and a Thai national that end up in marriage. Some of the marriages work and some are eventually dissolved by divorce. In any eventuality, it is important that the best legal services in Thailand handle the marriage or divorce proceedings. more