The largest paradise island of Thailand is known to many international travelers as Phuket. It lies on the western edge of southern Thailand with all the beautiful offerings of the Andaman Sea – emerald green crystal waters and stretches of beautiful beaches. more

A report from the New York Times estimated that about 100,000 people retired to Asia from other countries in 2010. What draws westerners to Southeast Asian countries for their retirement choices vary from low cost of living to lush, tropical rain-forests and bustling mega cities.  more

Thailand offers all the elements a foreign investor would look for – inexpensive and hardworking workforce, an emerging bullish economy, a burgeoning domestic market and a supportive government in terms of economic liberalization and growth.

The driving force behind Thailand’s unprecedented economic growth is foreign investment with the government supporting and encouraging foreign investors from Japan, Singapore, Europe, United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Japan is currently the largest stakeholder in foreign investment in Thailand. And while the country presents significantly favorable conditions to lure foreign investors in the country, the major setback is the country’s policy on majority foreign ownership which is restricted to 49%, giving away the majority ownership of 51% to local Thai nationals. Additionally, foreigners need to have Board of Investment (BOI) promotion for their business activities in Thailand. more


Eligible Activities under Thailand BOI -- Phuket lawyer BOI
The Board of Investment deems it appropriate to adjust criteria for activities eligible for promotion in order to respond to the current economic and investment situation. By virtue of the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520, the Board of Investment hereby prescribes the: more