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Thailand has been a popular choice among many foreigners of retirement age as their second home or retirement country. Thailand has all the amenities for a retirement haven to many foreigners who flock to the country to visit and after their wonderful vacation in the Kingdom will decide to make Thailand a permanent second home. The country’s warm climate and a variety of fantastic landscape and beautiful retirement locations spread across the country are some of the reasons foreign retirees decide to retire in Thailand. more

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Countless visiting travelers, especially those coming from the western countries are so captivated by the exquisite beauty and enigmatic charms of Thailand, most of them even end up staying in the country for far longer than they planned. For some tourists, they established good relationships with the Thai people that they feel so at home and comfortable – enough for them to look at the prospects of running a small business and make Thailand their second home. more

Thailand has been a popular destination for many foreigners looking for a place they can call their second home. Phuket’s fantastic landscape and abundant beautiful beaches have been the main reasons for retirees to choose the island as their retirement home.

But just like in any other country, foreigners need to obtain the proper visa in order to be allowed to stay in Phuket legally. Foreign visitors who have fallen in love with Phuket have to apply and process their retirement visa in Thailand if they want to perpetually enjoy the sun, beaches and the mountains not only in Phuket but in entire Thailand for that matter. If you need Phuket lawyers who can help you deal with your retirement visa application, you can click heremore


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Thailand like other countries acknowledges and accepts three types of business forms: sole proprietorship, partnership and private limited company. Each business form has its own set of registration requirements and compliance. And for foreigners desiring to set up a sole proprietor company in Thailand, it is best to consult with local or foreign lawyers with expertise in business setup and registration. The otherwise simple business registration process can turn tedious and complicated if you get lost on the procedures and requirements necessitated by such registration. more