Thailand’s economy is driven by foreign investment. As a rapidly-developing nation in Asia, Thailand offers an array of opportunities for foreign businessmen to conduct business in the country in accordance with Thai laws on foreign investment. A common option taken by foreign investors is registering a Thai limited company instead of operating as an offshore company.

Requirements for Foreign Businesses in Registering a Thai Limited Company -- Corporate Lawyer Phuket

A Thai Limited Company is the most utilized type of business organization especially by foreigners who want to conduct business in Thailand. This type of business organization requires ownership by a minimum of three shareholders and managed by at least one director. Under Thai law, a Thai Limited Company is legally a stand-alone company. more


Occupations Exclusive to Thai Nationals -- Corporate Lawyer Phuket

Thailand has successfully attracted foreign investment in the country, accounting for the many foreign companies registered in Thailand. A direct result of having foreign-owned or managed companies is the employment of foreign nationals to work for said companies. In most foreign-registered or –owned companies, employees or workers are local and foreign nationals. more


Foreign Business Registry in Thailand -- Corporate Lawyer Phuket

Foreign investors are welcome in Thailand. In fact, the Thai government is continuously encouraging foreign investment in the country by offering some incentives to those who qualify to operate a business in Thailand under specific terms. more

Title Deeds in Thailand -- Real Estate Lawyer Phuket

Foreign investors buying property in Phuket or other province in Thailand should be very careful when dealing with Thai Title Deeds. The title-deed system in Thailand is not the same as in the home country of the investor so it is best that a real estate lawyer is consulted prior to getting into any transaction. The Thai government created certain types of title deeds for the rural poor so it is likely to encounter some of such title deeds in your transactions. more


Sample of patent application -- Lawyers in Phuket

By definition, a patent is a temporary government-granted monopoly right on an invention by an inventor or creator. The most well-known type of patent is the utility patent which gives protection to inventions. Design patents protect new, original and ornamental designs of articles of manufacture. Another type is the plant patent, which gives protection to anyone who invents or discovers and asexually reproduces any distinct and new plant varieties. more