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Thailand is one country in Asia that is bent in promoting the country to attract foreign investment. While maintaining their nationalistic stance, the government of Thailand has promulgated some legislative acts advancing the interests of foreign investors through the provision of tax incentives / relief for foreign businesses operating in Thailand and satisfying the prescribed requirements. The legal framework of the laws covering such provisions is, of course, handled for the Phuket-based foreign investors by English-speaking Phuket lawyers.

The country is a very popular tourism destination for many Americans and Europeans. And tourism arrival records have it that a lot of them return to Thailand for a second, third visit and so on. They have grown to love Thailand so much that in order to stay longer, or permanently, if possible, they bring in a good amount of investment to start a business in Phuket, Bangkok, or in the other regions in the country. While setting up a business in Thailand is quite straightforward, the need to consult with lawyers in Phuket will prove beneficial when seeking ways to avail of the incentives provided by the government to foreign businesses applying through the Board of Investment or BOI. And because the foreign investor has to understand the laws and its scope, a Phuket law firm with English-speaking Thai lawyers will provide the communication channel to translate provisions of the Thai laws in the language understood by the foreign investor, which is English.

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English-speaking lawyers will also be able to help foreign businessmen as they deal with foreign workers’ visa and work permit requirements, lease of properties for the business and for personal accommodations, discussing joint venture terms and conditions with local Thai partners, and many more. The needs surface as the business progresses.

Foreign investors or businessmen will also need someone to represent them when dealing with government agencies like the BOI, Land Office, etc. And the best party to do that is the Phuket law firm engaged by the foreign company. Most of the communications and correspondences with the government agencies are written in Thai language. There are also documents required by the Thai government to be submitted to certain government departments in local Thai language as well. Without English-speaking lawyers in Phuket to help the foreign businessmen to understand the communication or correspondence, it will be difficult to operate the business.

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In addition, the English-speaking lawyers will be able to provide the foreign investors sound business advice, which comply with the provisions of Thai laws as they have a better grasp of what the laws encompass. And in an unfortunate situation where the foreign businessman has to face litigation due to disputes on partnership or shareholder agreement, being in a Thai court is unnerving. With a competent litigation lawyer who can accurately explain the proceedings to the foreigner, the situation becomes less frightening. The most frightening part is not understanding what is going on the whole time. Having lawyers who are not just competent but who can go beyond the language barrier will be the next best decision a foreigner can make while in Phuket, Thailand.

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