US Firm Applying for Trademark in Thailand -- Phuket Lawyers

Thailand plays host to many international companies from both the United States and Europe. Many of them have registered trademarks in their home countries and in order to maintain international standards in Thailand, US firms would have to register their trademark in Thailand. This will give the company the protection against counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR). A registered trademark also strengthens a company’s ability to enforce its rights and ensuring that the company is not unknowingly infringing on a trademark registered to another firm. Experienced Phuket lawyers will be most helpful in this area as they are well familiarized with the local statutes. more

The Ministry of Commerce of the Department of Business Development has issued the Order of Office of the Company Limited and Partnership Registration 205/2555. The order states that entities planning to set up a partnership or a company limited in Thailand must submit certified bank statements declaring the financial standing of all Thai partners or shareholders. The bank statement must be submitted together with the business set up application. The said document must indicate the equivalent monetary value of each shareholder’s number of shares given the following condition: more

Thailand is one country in Asia that is bent in promoting the country to attract foreign investment. While maintaining their nationalistic stance, the government of Thailand has promulgated some legislative acts advancing the interests of foreign investors through the provision of tax incentives / relief for foreign businesses operating in Thailand and satisfying the prescribed requirements. more

Minimum Wage in Thailand -- Phuket Lawyers

Thailand has raised its minimum wage from Baht 220 to Baht 300 since April 1, 2012. Such a move was aimed at increasing the spending power and to offset the high costs of living in the country. Since the effective date, all workers in Thailand will receive at least Baht 300 or approximately US$9.80 per day which is about 40% increase in certain industry sectors and regions. The new minimum wage has brought Thailand’s monthly wage closer to Malaysia, China and India and triple the amount paid to Vietnamese and Cambodian workers. Multinational companies with operations in Thailand have consulted with Thailand lawyers on how such wage hike affects their workers on minimum wage rate and over minimum wage rate. more

Phuket Thailand Hotel Tax -- Phuket Lawyer

Hotel taxes in Thailand continue to baffle many property owners,  given the volatility or new taxes that often seem to come and go. The surprising increase of the so called “local hotel tax” from 1% to 2% in Phang Nga Province resulted in fear among hotel business operators in other provinces of Thailand like Phuket, that they could also be affected by an increase or the establishment of such “local hotel tax”. The expertise of Phuket lawyers on the matter will be helpful to understand the essence of such hotel tax. more