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Being blacklisted is something that one should be keen about avoiding, especially when you’re a foreigner. When you’re blacklisted, you’re effectively barred from entering the country whose immigration authorities have marked you.

This means that, when you’re blacklisted in Thailand, you cannot visit that country anymore as long as the blacklist is still in place. It could be lifted in a few years or so, but you would’ve lost the opportunity to visit the Kingdom during the blacklist period. more

If you’re really planning on staying in Thailand for the rest of your life, getting a multiple reentry visa to the Kingdom is definitely not enough. more

It is common knowledge that Thailand’s government has been passing new rules regarding visas for foreigners who wish to enter Thailand. This is part of an effort to crack down on border runs and tourists who stay beyond the time allowed by their visas. more

It has been widely reported that the immigration officials of Thailand have enacted stricter measures and harsher punishments for those illegal foreigners who have overstayed in the country. more

When it comes to visa types, the most popular one among foreigners seeking to go to Thailand is the Tourist visa. Unfortunately, it is also the one that’s frequently abused by aliens who don’t want to go through the process of securing the proper visa for themselves. more

The issue of overstaying has become popular lately because of the new rules that have been recently passed by Thai authorities on the offense. Under the new rules, one can find himself or herself banned from the Kingdom for overstaying. The longer you overstay in the country, the longer the ban on you from entering Thailand once again. more

Thailand continues to welcome foreigners into its friendly country. However, it also now seeks to put things straight and introduce stricter rules on foreigners who decide to stay past the length of time their visa is permitting them to be in Thai soil. more

In September, the Kingdom had decided to enforce stricter rules regarding foreigners who enter or re-enter Thailand through the borders that it shares with four countries in its vicinity. Because of these, some foreigners have come across difficulties in re-entering Thailand through the borders with Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos in order to activate an entry in their multiple-entry visas. more

Some foreigners find foreign languages a topic of interest. However, studying a foreign language requires you to immerse in it and the associated local culture in order to expedite the learning process. True, there are methods of learning a new language online but one learns faster when he or she is in the language’s country of origin.


Tourism is not the only reason foreigners come to Thailand, as we have pointed out many times in this blog. Other reasons include business, expatriation for their retirement, and to become a full-fledged Thai citizen. There are corresponding visas that these foreigners should apply for, and we’ll discuss these visas in detail in this article.