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There are so many ways that you can earn money from the real estate market. The most obvious one is to become a real-estate agent yourself. For a cut of the real estate property’s value, you do the job of marketing the property, talking to potential clients, giving them site visits and assisting them with the sale. more

Markets tend to change in each year, and real estate markets are not an exception.  more

It has been mentioned many times in this blog that acquiring a condominium unit in Thailand is the best method available to investors who are interested in getting a piece of real estate for themselves in the Kingdom. more

Investment requires some understanding of legalistic language. While you can definitely tap the skills and expertise of a legal advisor on your team, it is best if you also have the basic knowledge at the least of what the terms are. more

What are the reasons why one should invest in real estate? One common reason is that it gives them a roof over their heads. That’s why people always make it a point to invest in residential real estate.  more

They say that real estate is the best form of investment there is for any individual. They are right, of course. Real estate doesn’t depreciate, meaning its value doesn’t go down with each year that passes. more

Leasing is a popular option amongst expatriates who want to acquire real estate in Thailand. It is quite legal, and should be a good alternative to acquiring a property for yourself. more

It has been discussed repeatedly in this blog that Thai law has a few exceptions that can allow a foreign national to purchase a piece of land in the country. One of these exceptions is when a person has infused an investment of THB40 million, at the least, into the country’s economy by, among other ways, investing in a business in the Kingdom.

Let us say that somebody, maybe a friend of yours or a business associate, has met the qualifications under  more

It makes sense for a businessman like you to want to invest in real estate in Thailand. For instance, you might want to acquire land to develop into a commercial property for your offices, or to lease it to other businessmen so you can earn extra revenues for your company.

If you’re a local, then that’s not a problem. However, if you’re a foreigner, then you’ll have to take into consideration some aspects especially the legal side of the acquisition. Here are some of the things that you’ll have to bear in mind when investing, as a businessman, on real estate in Thailand. more

Thailand is indeed one of the best places in which to invest one’s money for business or for retirement. One of these methods of investment is to acquire real estate property in the country. That should always be part of your business plans as an entrepreneur – when your business grows in size, your long term plans for Thailand should include an investment in real estate.

Of course, as a foreigner, Thai law restricts your access to real estate in order to favor the locals more. However, if you’re a businessman, or at least an owner of a company that makes significant contributions to the economy in Thailand,  more