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Most, if not all, entrepreneurs are people who are just looking for a means to earn money to supplement their incomes. However, not all businessmen are actually looking to earn an honest means of living. more

In this age of international trading, it is common to see nations negotiating and entering into free trade agreements with other countries. These agreements, called FTAs, are intended to facilitate higher quality of inter-country trading between the participants across various sectors and industries in their jurisdictions.

Being a prime economic power in Asia, it is only natural, and imperative even, for the Kingdom of Thailand to enter into these FTAs. Right now, Thailand is a signatory in FTAs with the nations of Japan, Australia and the United States, among others. more

We have discussed a bird’s eye view of what intellectual property law is and what role it plays in Thailand’s legal and business landscapes. This time, let us look at what items are covered by intellectual property law, and how you can, as a businessman, avail of protection for your intellectual properties. more

Intellectual property is one of the most important, and also the most interesting, aspect of any country’s law. Thailand is no different from any other country. In fact, its trade agreements with various industrial nations including the United States, Japan, and Australia, make intellectual property take on a whole new different role to protect foreigner investors’ interests in the Kingdom more