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Retirement is a very touchy issue, but one that must also be discussed. As mentioned in a couple of earlier blogs on this website, one must be able to prepare for this phase in their lives accordingly. more

If you’re really planning on staying in Thailand for the rest of your life, getting a multiple reentry visa to the Kingdom is definitely not enough. more

Retirement has been a topic in this blog for sometime now. We all know how touchy this subject can be, but it’s also something that we have to tackle as it’s a very important milestone for everyone’s lives. more

Retirement is a bittersweet milestone that all of us have to go through at one point or another in our lives. more

Retirement is something that most people look forward to, even when they’re a bit advanced in age when they do so.

For starters, we’d like to congratulate you on your choice of choosing Thailand as the place in which you’ll be retiring to. The Kingdom is a very beautiful land, full of equally beautiful people, and plenty of opportunities for foreign expatriates like you! more

Retirement is a great time for anyone. By retiring, one officially leaves his employed life to pursue a life of his choosing. When people retire from a long-term employment, they do get a stipend from their employer as a means to start anew and build a source of income to sustain him or her in old age.  more

Retiring comfortably is a goal all working people around the world think about. Where’s the best place to retiree as an expat? Thailand, of course, has all the qualities that you are looking for in a retirement destination. Your retirement will certainly be comfortable here, with all the cheaper prices compared to much of the Western world.

Of course, comfort and relaxation for your retirement is something that you ensure and is not something that you can just expect to come to you.  more

Thailand is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world to retire. There is plenty for an expat to enjoy here when they finally retire – scenic beaches, rich and beautiful natural attractions like forests and rivers, and relatively inexpensive standard of living. Some parts of Thailand also provide retirees the peace and quiet that they need in their advanced age.

There is, of course, a straightforward process that retirees have to subscribe to before they can become officially expats in Thailand in their older years. more