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Measuring the Official Value of a Property in Phuket, Thailand -- Phuket Lawyers

Owning a property, a parcel of land, a condominium unit or a residential house requires a complex web of registration with the Land Office, which can be part of the legal services Phuket law firms offer. All ownerships will be legally transferred by a written registration at the local Land Office. Along with such registration are fees and taxes that are needed to be paid upon registration of the property which is the subject of change of ownership. Fees and taxes include transfer fee, income tax payable as withholding tax, stamp duty or specific business tax or local development tax.The registration process as handled by real estate lawyers in Phuket, requires that the transfer fee and the seller’s income withholding tax are to be deducted and paid to the authorities upon transfer. These fees and taxes are calculated based on the Land Office’s valuation of the property. more

How Can a Foreigner Legally Own a Property in Phuket, Thailand -- Legal Services Phuket

Thailand’s Land Laws are quite specific – foreign nationals are not allowed to own freehold land in Phuket, Thailand or any part of Thailand, for that matter. Not even if the foreigner is married to a Thai spouse, the provision for which is that the property will be in the name of the Thai spouse, even if paid by the foreign spouse, and the foreign spouse will sign a waiver declaring that the property is a separate property of the Thai spouse and that the foreign spouse will have no claim to the property whatsoever.

Condominium Market in Phuket, Thailand -- Real Estate Lawyer Phuket

Phuket, the largest island in Thailandhas established itself as a global resort destination. It has to its name a range of luxury villas, condominiums and apartments for sale. These Phuket properties are comparable to those offered in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, at a fraction of the price.The Phuket condo market has expanded since the 1990’s in line with its massive tourism campaign that saw numerous foreign visitors arriving in the country all year round. The Phuket condo market is well-positioned with the island’s supporting infrastructure including world-class amenities and leisure facilities and an International Airport offering good accessibility. Many investors choose to invest in the Phuket condo market as it offers a combination of western luxury and an exotic tropical lifestyle.