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With the new rules and its relevant penalties already enforced by immigration officials in Thailand, it’s always in your interest, especially as a businessman operating an enterprise in the country, to abide by these regulations. more

What are the reasons why one should invest in real estate? One common reason is that it gives them a roof over their heads. That’s why people always make it a point to invest in residential real estate.  more

Becoming an entrepreneur as well as being one is all about effective management. You cannot even dream of attaining a very stable business if you don’t know how to take care of its daily operations.  more

They say that real estate is the best form of investment there is for any individual. They are right, of course. Real estate doesn’t depreciate, meaning its value doesn’t go down with each year that passes. more

We’ve discussed in previous articles how to begin your career with an investment in the financial markets. We’ve also pointed out what tools are available for you to use as an investor in identifying your potential investment vehicles. more

Partners are very important in business, particularly if you’re looking to invest in the economy of countries like Thailand in Southeast Asia. more

There are so many reasons to invest in Thailand. For starters, the country is uniquely prepared for international trade and commerce. Second, the country has a very relaxed and very welcoming atmosphere towards foreign businessmen and tourists alike. more

Investing in Thailand is perhaps one of the best decisions any businessman can make. After all, not only is Thailand known for its tourist spots, its costs of living and expenses are a lot lower than what you’d probably encounter in your home nation. more

Let us assume for a moment that you have successfully registered a foreign-owned business in the Kingdom of Thailand, together with your partners. more