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Let us assume for a moment that you have successfully registered a foreign-owned business in the Kingdom of Thailand, together with your partners. more

It has been widely reported that the immigration officials of Thailand have enacted stricter measures and harsher punishments for those illegal foreigners who have overstayed in the country. more

Every expatriate who sets his or her eye on the Kingdom of Thailand would find it to their benefit to retain the services of a legal advisor.  more

If you are going to launch a business, you need to make sure that you know how to manage your money first. more

Starting a business overseas is an extremely exciting venture. The landscape in a foreign country is different from what you have at home. The costs of living are lower as well particularly in Southeast Asia, and specifically in Thailand. It’s practically a whole new world out there for you as a businessman! more

When it comes to visa types, the most popular one among foreigners seeking to go to Thailand is the Tourist visa. Unfortunately, it is also the one that’s frequently abused by aliens who don’t want to go through the process of securing the proper visa for themselves. more

Most, if not all, entrepreneurs are people who are just looking for a means to earn money to supplement their incomes. However, not all businessmen are actually looking to earn an honest means of living. more

The basics of investing have always dictated that you conduct due diligence beforehand to determine whether an opportunity or a group of opportunities that you’re looking at are indeed ideal for your investment.  more

Love knows no bounds, they say. Thanks to the ease of traveling around the world, there have been plenty of heartwarming stories of love between a local Thai and a foreign expatriate, or even a tourist. more

We have discussed in a previous article that, when investing, it’s important to identify good entry and exit points. However, those articles only pertained to stock investing and have not discussed how the rule applies to people or entities that are looking to invest in an actual company providing products or services. more