You may be going to live in Thailand for the next few years for business, or you are already thinking ahead of your upcoming retirement and you decide that you want to experience the country’s exotic nature in your final years. more

Condominiums are quite popular among foreigners in Thailand, and for good reason! That’s the only piece of real estate that they can easily purchase in the country and that is possible thanks to the Condominium Act BE 2522, or more popularly known as the Condominium Act of 1979.

Let us learn a bit more about the Condominium Act of 1979, and what provisions does it have for foreigners seeking ownership of a condominium unit in Thailand. more

Every foreigner knows that there are only two ways of being able to purchase or own real-estate property in Thailand. They can either purchase actual land or they can choose to put in money into a condominium unit.

Question is, is it really more beneficial to own a condominium unit instead of the usual house-and-lot if you are a foreigner expatriate in Thailand? The answer is, “Yes.” Of course, there are benefits to choosing to buy a condominium unit in Thailand, and let us discuss what those advantages are. People who are planning to retire in or establish a business presence in Thailand should appreciate these benefits as well. more